Trying out a slower posting rate

Before our winter break, we posted episodes at a rate of 2/week. During the next month or so, we’ll see what it’s like to post just 1/week. In mid-February, we might return to 2/week or we might stick to 1/week. As several viewers have pointed out to us, a slower posting rate will direct more attention to each episode, which might encourage more participation in the comments sections (among other benefits). However, a higher posting rate has the obvious advantage of making more conversations available more quickly.

Viewers: What do you think? Is it better to publish one episode per week or two?


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14 Responses to Trying out a slower posting rate

  1. Nathan

    The more the better!

  2. Martin Glazier

    I second the vote for two per week.

  3. John

    I agree as well. Two/week is definitely better.

  4. Shane

    If your goal is to foster conversation then I think that one per week along with some other changes would be best. But I would rather there be two a week.

  5. Michael

    I just want MP3 versions of talks!

  6. H

    Yep, I would like to see two/week too.

  7. david

    Michael — we plan to provide mp3s for all future episodes. (Currently, you can get the mp3 for today’s Eckert-Priest episode.) We also plan to go back and provide mp3s for previous episodes, as we get the time. Thanks for watching/listening! — David

  8. Martin Glazier

    Are there plans for an RSS feed for the mp3s? Because that would be awesome.

  9. Daniel

    I’d prefer one per week since I don’t seem to have enough time to keep up a listening rate of two per week!

  10. Robert

    I think one a week, along with some more publicization, would be good. The ideal, I think, would be a lively comments section in each of these diavlogs. I don’t know how that can be done, but I suspect a blurb from Leiter, PEA soup, Certain Doubts, Prosblogion, etc., would do something to help bring traffic to the site. (My only worry about two a week is that I think the site needs more time to foster a comments section, and having two a week would perhaps make it harder to get as large a conversation as possible. After all, there’s only so many people who are going to watch this philosophers talk, and having two conversations might cut down on the number of people who will contribute to the comments section.)

  11. Levine

    Please keep it at 2 shows per week! I won’t be able to stand waiting that long!

  12. Tom Frost

    Either one or two a week is fine for me personally. My main hope is that regardless of how many you do per week you always keep it the case that we can continue to access any back discussions we want to at any time, even years into the future. I assume this is your plan but I wanted to voice this opinion in case for some reason it isn’t.

  13. en

    Slow it – one per week at most. The episodes are also often too long and slide between too many topics. Keep it brief and focused. At most 30 minutes and to the point. Also add some type of chapters to the video and have a much clearer table of contents with hyperlinks to chapters.

  14. Max

    The more the better!