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Tony Coady and Stephen Nathanson

Tony Coady (left) and Stephen Nathanson (right) on terrorism.

What is terrorism? Do all terrorist acts aim to terrify? Is it possible for terrorism to be morally justifiable? Can state actions (such as the controversial Allied bombings of World War II) count as terrorist acts? Coady and Nathanson consider such questions in the course of attempting to define “terrorism.” Then (starting at 31:11) they discuss the doctrine of double effect, which Nathanson attacks and Coady defends. Finally (starting at 42:29) they critically examine Michael Walzer’s view that non-combatants may be targeted in conditions of supreme emergency.

Related works

by Coady:
Messy Morality: The Challenge of Politics (2009)
Morality and Political Violence (2008)
Terrorism and Innocence” (2004)

by Nathanson:
Terrorism and the Ethics of War (2010)
Patriotism, War, and the Limits of Permissible Partiality” (2009)
Terrorism and the Ethics of War” (2007)

See also:
Michael Walzer, Just and Unjust Wars (1977/2000)

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