Technical difficulties

Several recordings took place this week, but they all face tech problems. It’s looking increasingly unlikely that we’ll have new content before next week. But it’s still possible that we’ll have something ready by tomorrow (Friday), so stay tuned, and thanks for watching.

Update: It’s official: nothing new until next week.

Further update (2/4): Sorry for the additional delays, everyone. We promise that we’ll have new content soon!


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5 Responses to Technical difficulties

  1. Levine

    I’m dying here!

  2. John

    maybe they are preparing something huge…like a discussion between Stalnaker and Chalmers, which would be pretty amazing.

  3. anon

    Dear Philosophy TV,

    I miss you. Please come back.

  4. Dubbz

    Seriously, I understand this is free and wonderful, but it would be nice if you just let people know what the heck was going on, rather than just leaving up a promise from two weeks ago.

  5. john

    Hey Dubbz,

    We understand and apologize for the lack of status updates. There is a lot going on right now. We hope to have a status update (and new episodes) very soon.


    John (on behalf of the PhTV team).