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Simon Keller and Sarah Stroud

Simon Keller (left) and Sarah Stroud (right) on partiality.

Keller and Stroud (starting at 13:40) discuss their controversial view that good friendship requires the violation of epistemic norms. Then (at 21:03) they discuss Stroud’s work on plural agency and partiality. Next (at 34:40) Keller explains why he rejects the widely held view that our reasons to put loved ones before strangers should be understood in terms of personal projects or relationships. Finally (at 58:26) they discuss the analogy between partiality to people and partiality to countries.

Related works

by Keller:
The Limits of Loyalty (2007)
“Four Theories of Filial Duty” (2007)

by Stroud:
“Permissible Partiality, Projects, and Plural Agency” (2010)
“Epistemic Partiality in Friendship” (2007)
“Moral worth and rationality as acting on good reasons” (2007)

See also:

Bernard Williams, Moral Luck (1981)
Marilyn Friedman, What Are Friends For?: Feminist Perspectives on Personal Relationships and Moral Theory (1993)
Niko Kolodny, “Which Relationships Justify Partiality? The Case of Parents and Children” (2010)


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