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Kimberley Brownlee and David Lefkowitz

Kimberley Brownlee and David Lefkowitz on civil disobedience.

To begin, Brownlee and Lefkowitz characterize civil disobedience and distinguish it from common crime, conscientious objection, and revolution. Then (starting at 22:58) they consider a series of moral issues. Do citizens in a liberal democracy have a moral right to engage in civil disobedience? Should civil disobedients be ready to accept the legal consequences of their actions?

Related works

by Brownlee:
Penalizing Public Disobedience” (2008)
The Communicative Aspects of Civil Disobedience and Lawful Punishment” (2007)

by Lefkowitz:
On a Moral Right to Civil Disobedience” (2007)
The Duty to Obey the Law” (2006)