Andy Egan and Joshua Knobe

Joshua Knobe (left) and Andy Egan (right) on moral relativism.

Knobe explains his surprising research suggesting that folk intuitions are more closely aligned with relativism than philosophers often assume. Egan describes his ongoing work on relativist semantics. Knobe presses Egan on whether Egan’s views provide a satisfactory account of moral disagreement and of the grounds for criticism of an ideally coherent sadist. Along the way, they discuss whether philosophical analysis of shared concepts ought to be “hermeneutic” or “revolutionary.”

Related works

by Egan:
Relativism about Epistemic Modals” (forthcoming)
Disputing About Taste” (forthcoming)
Epistemic Modals, Relativism, and Assertion” (2007)

by Knobe:
et al., “Folk Moral Relativism” (forthcoming)

See also:
John Burgess and Gideon Rosen, A Subject With No Object (1997)
Experimental Philosophy: Hagop Sarkissian, Are People Actually Moral Objectivists?

More video:
Joshua Knobe’s diavlogs (BhTV)

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3 Responses to Andy Egan and Joshua Knobe

  1. Rob

    The pdf of “Folk Moral Relativism” cuts off at page 22.

  2. david

    Thanks, Rob. The link is fixed.

  3. L

    Looks like J. Kenobe is reconverting Gender Studies (as they were initially designed) to “analytic” strategies…