Jamie Dreier and Mark Schroeder

Jamie Dreier (left) and Mark Schroeder (right) on metaethical contextualism, expressivism, and relativism.

Why are we motivated to do what we believe to be morally right? Relativism, contextualism, and expressivism provide straightforward answers to that question. But each of these views must face its own distinctive challenges. Dreier and Schroeder provide a guided tour of those challenges with a focus on problems arising from competing accounts of moral truth and moral disagreement. They finish by addressing a meta-metaethical question: Are disagreements between rival metaethicists substantive?

Related works

by Dreier:
Expressivist Embeddings and Minimalist Truth” (1994)
Transforming Expressivism” (1999)
Meta-Ethics and the Problem of Creeping Minimalism” (2004)
Relativism (and Expressivism) and the Problem of Disagreement” (2009)

by Schroeder:
How Expressivists Can and Should Solve Their Problem with Negation” (2008)
Expression for Expressivists” (2008)
Hybrid Expressivism: Virtues and Vices” (2009)
Being For (2010)

See also:
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Andy Egan, “Relativism about epistemic modals” (2010)
PEA Soup: Janice Dowell, A Contextualist Solution to a Puzzle about ‘Ought’s and ‘If’s

More video:
Mark Schroeder and Will Wilkinson (BhTV)

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