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Elizabeth Anderson and David Schmidtz

Elizabeth Anderson (left) and David Schmidtz (right) on equality.

Anderson and Schmidtz begin with a critical assessment of Amartya Sen’s influential view that every theory of justice must strive for equality of something. Then they discuss Anderson’s form of egalitarianism, which privileges social relations over mere distributive equality (although it also allows that distributive components of justice are important). Finally, they consider various problems facing our own society. What sorts of inequality exist in our democracy, and what sorts of inequality should we aim to eliminate?

Related works

by Anderson:
The Imperative of Integration (2010)
Expanding the Egalitarian Toolbox: Equality and Bureaucracy” (2008)
Sen, Ethics, and Democracy” (2003)
What Is The Point of Equality?” (1999)

by Schmidtz:
with Jason Brennan: A Brief History of Liberty (2010)
Functional Property, Real Justice” (2009)
The Elements of Justice (2006)
How to Deserve” (2002)

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