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Christopher Gauker and Kathrin Glüer

Christopher Gauker (left) and Kathrin Glüer (right) on the contents of perception.

According to one view, perceptions have propositional content: they tell us that the world is a certain way, and what they tell us can be either true or false. In this debate, Glüer defends that view against Gauker’s attack. Glüer and Gauker also consider (starting at 23:11) whether and how perceptions might justify beliefs. And Glüer interrogates Gauker (starting at 40:08) about how perceptions can be either accurate or inaccurate without having propositional content.

Related works

by Gauker:
Words and Images: An Essay on the Origin of Ideas (2011)
“A Critique of the Similarity Space Theory of Concepts” (2007)

by Glüer:
Donald Davidson: A Short Introduction (forthcoming)
“In Defence of a Doxastic Account of Experience” (2009)


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