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David Killoren (Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry, Australian Catholic University)

Jonathan Lang (Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness, University of Wisconsin-Madison)


Mike Titelbaum and Jonathan Weisberg

Mike Titelbaum and Jonathan Weisberg on Bayesianism.

Titelbaum and Weisberg begin by addressing the question of what (if anything) Bayesians have in common. They review historically important intra-Bayesian debates about interpretations of probability, including “objective” and “subjective” interpretations. Then (15:17) they discuss the interplay between mathematicians’ views of probability and philosophical Bayesianism. They consider […]

Elizabeth Barnes and Joseph Stramondo

Elizabeth Barnes and Joseph Stramondo on disability.

Philosophers have traditionally argued (or simply assumed) that disability must have a net negative effect on well-being—and not just because of contingent social facts, but also in virtue of the inherent nature of disability itself. This view is markedly less prevalent outside of philosophy departments, and is […]



Technical difficulties

Several recordings took place this week, but they all face tech problems. It’s looking increasingly unlikely that we’ll have new content before next week. But it’s still possible that we’ll have something ready by tomorrow (Friday), so stay tuned, and thanks for watching.

Update: It’s official: nothing new until next week.

Further update (2/4): Sorry […]

Trying out a slower posting rate

Before our winter break, we posted episodes at a rate of 2/week. During the next month or so, we’ll see what it’s like to post just 1/week. In mid-February, we might return to 2/week or we might stick to 1/week. As several viewers have pointed out to us, a slower posting rate will direct more […]

New episodes coming Jan. 10

We’re taking a short break to do some site maintenance, roll out a few new site features, and catch up on our other work. Thanks to everyone who recorded conversations for us this year, and to everyone who tuned in. 2010 was great for Philosophy TV and we’re excited about what’s in store for 2011. […]

Delay on today’s episode

We are still trying to resolve several technical issues with our episode on artificial reproduction featuring Michael Boylan and Rosemarie Tong. We will make their conversation available as soon as possible.

Sneak peak at forthcoming work by Hall and Paul

In the Introduction to Causation: A User’s Guide (forthcoming from OUP), Ned Hall and L. A. Paul write:

Unfortunately, the current literature [on causation] conceals its insights within a tangled landscape of conflicting approaches, driven by conflicting motivations and conflicting presuppositions about the very point of providing a philosophical account of causation, and often informed […]

Technical difficulties

The bad news is that our episode on exploitation, oppression and the market, featuring Ann Cudd and Matt Zwolinski, will have to be delayed. We aim to have it ready by next week.

The good news is that our episode on the metaphysics of causation, featuring Ned Hall and L. A. Paul, will appear […]

New site features

We have gotten a lot of great feedback about the site and are very happy to announce that we are now offering all episodes of Philosophy TV as video podcasts. These podcasts can be accessed through iTunes by clicking the link in the right column.

Some viewers have asked us to provide audio versions of […]