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Bertha Alvarez Manninen and Jack Mulder

Bertha Alvarez Manninen and Jack Mulder on abortion.

Manninen defends a pro-choice view, while Mulder defends a pro-life view. In this conversation, they discuss whether the Roe v. Wade decision is philosophically defensible (2:11); Judith Thomson’s famous pro-choice argument (6:58); the right to refuse aid vs. the right to kill (13:42); the analogy between pregnancy and bone-marrow donation (18:05); whether (legal or social) restrictions on abortion involve compulsion (32:28); the limits of the right of bodily autonomy (40:57); whether the abortion debate results merely from a clash of intuitions (46:37); and implications of the pro-life view beyond abortion (55:40).

Related works

by Manninen:
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by Mulder:
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