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Alvin Goldman and Jennifer Lackey

Alvin Goldman (left) and Jennifer Lackey (right) on social epistemology.

Can a football team know more than its individual members know? How can a non-expert tell that an expert’s testimony is trustworthy? How should we modify our beliefs in response to disagreements with others? These are some of the questions encompassed by social epistemology, which deals with social aspects of knowledge and belief. In this conversation, Goldman and Lackey provide an overview of this growing subfield.

Related works

by Goldman:
with Dennis Whitcomb (eds.): Social Epistemology: Essential Readings (2011)
Knowledge in a Social World (1999)

by Lackey:
Learning from Words: Testimony as a Source of Knowledge (2010)
with Ernest Sosa (eds.): The Epistemology of Testimony (2006)