2nd Annual Online Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

The Jackson Family Center for Ethics & Values at Coastal Carolina University, the Philosophy Department at University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, and Philosophy TV are proud to present an online undergraduate conference on the theme of meaning (broadly construed).

Each session in the conference will be a video-recorded conversation between an undergraduate author and a commentator. (In each case, the commentator is a professional philosopher: either a graduate student or a faculty member.) This week and next, we’ll post a series of sessions, one per day. All of the sessions will be linked from the list below.

Many thanks to all of the students and philosophers who have generously devoted time and energy to this project!

First session: “Minds, Brains, and Contents” by Chris Crogan (UMass-Dartmouth). In conversation with Pete Mandik (William Paterson University).

Second session: “A Minimalist Theory of Emotional Valence: A Response to Jesse Prinz” by Norah Hannel (Connecticut College). In conversation with Jesse Prinz (CUNY).

Third session: “The Photographer as Bergsonian Philosopher” by Nick McKinney (Coastal Carolina University). In conversation with Chris Nagel (University of Minnesota).

Fourth session: “Foucault’s Truth and Power: A Truth Function and the Individual” by Kirk Raikes (Fort Lewis College). In conversation with Todd May (Clemson University).

Fifth session: “Plato and Schiller on Aesthetic Education and Moral Development” by Lilian Gonzalez (Eckerd College). In conversation with Nils Rauhut (Coastal Carolina University).

Sixth session: “Narrative as Coping: Rhetorical Questions” by Kylie Musolf (American University). In conversation with Quitterie Gounot (Cornell University).

Seventh session: “Is There Meaning that Does Not Derive from the Self Alone? A Consideration of Sartre’s Philosophy” by Sarah Horton (Grove City College). In conversation with Clifford Sosis (Coastal Carolina University).

Eighth session: “On the Knowledge of Primary Substances” by Helen Zhao (Johns Hopkins University). In conversation with Rosemary Twomey (CUNY).

Ninth session: “Beliefs and Blameworthiness” by Liz Jackson (Kansas State University). In conversation with David Killoren (Coastal Carolina University).

Tenth session: “On Quine’s Skeptical Philosophy: Its Ancient Roots and Constancy” by Matthew Margulis (University of California-Santa Cruiz). In conversation with Eric Brown (Washington University-Saint Louis).

Eleventh session: “On the Inescapable Meaninglessness of the Being-for-Itself” by Alexander Fred (University of Dayton). In conversation with Carl Sachs (Georgetown University).

Twelfth session: “Humean Linguistics: Hume, Meaning, and Cognitive Science” by Krivo Flores (Portland State University). In conversation with Jonathan Lang (University of Wisconsin-Madison).

Thirteenth session: “A Humean Theory of Vagueness” by Matthew Hernandez (Portland State University). In conversation with Nick Nash (Western University).

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